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The motivation comes from within. No one can hand it to you, but no one can take it away, either

FitKicks Personal Training now available. If you are interested please get in touch.

For most still reading this post you are probably interested somewhat in a block of personal training sessions.

But some will be just that, simply being interested isn’t enough, or for some they feel that simply paying a trainer will get you any result you want in 4 weeks”.

Far too often due to false and misleading statements and advertisements from trainers and gyms have many people thinking that “if I pay The gym for their lose a stone in month personal training sessions then I’ll lose this weight and I just have to do two sessions a week”

That is the reason why some trainers take on all clients who contact them and sign them up with false promises and churn out the same boring routines and hand out a one page list of meals for the week.

Would you find value in paying €40 an hour to go for a walk or a jog ?

Would you pay €40 for someone to stand over ya counting reps?

Would you pay €40 for an A4 menu once a week?

And after all this I’ll be magically transformed.

A one hour session is 4% of your day, what about the other 96% of the day.

The results you achieve are determined by the 96% not the 4%

I’m not really selling this am I??

But bear with me till the end.

At FitKicks I don’t con people with false promises.

I don’t say it’s a 6 week turn around with amazing forever results at the end of 6 weeks.

And I don’t take on everyone simply because not everyone needs 121, not everyone is ready. And more to point if either of these apply then I don’t want to be taking your hard earned money selling you a service that you don’t need

Here’s the thing you won’t get anywhere else I don’t think, but when someone gets in touch regarding signing up for personal training I usually meet them for a 30 minute chat. During this we chat about what brought them here, what they are looking for and how best I can help them.

Those who I have met with will confirm I’m not a pushy sales person, I’m actually the opposite, more of these meetings end with me getting somewhat to the root of their goals, reasons why and how best I can help them and vast majority of the time I advise and recommend that these potentially personal training clients either sign up for group sessions or small group training.

A lot of the time their past experiences of group classes haven’t been very positive and vast majority of these who opted with classes or started with 121 moving then to classes still attend group Fitkicks classes and say they never come across a place like us for welcoming everyone the same and no one feels out of place or unnoticed.

The reason?

Not because I don’t want the business but because I’ve been in that position.

When I was desperate to lose weight I would try a whole host of things including a couple of blocks of personal training while living in Dublin.

€1100 for 10 sessions and that €1100 was basically me hoping to buy the weight loss.

That Pt coached me 2 hours a week for a month and at the end of it I was In the Same position, overweight, lying to myself and hoping something else will loss the weight for me and making all the excuses like going to gym but it’s not working. It wasn’t working because I wasn’t working towards my goal. I paid my gym membership €1200/1500 a year, bought all the gym clothes and accessories, paid for super personal trainer and would attend gym 3/4 times a week (for a couple of months) but I would go home and eat rubbish, I would go on fill weekend piss ups, I’d eat takeaways 3/4 times a week. BUT IF I PAY THIS PERSONAL TRAINER ILL LOSE THE WEIGHT.

I’ll tell him I ate what he told me too.

Sure he won’t know if I have the slice of cake in esquires.

Hopefully he won’t see me collect the Chinese takeaway after leaving Spirit.

AND hopefully after our 10 sessions his magic while have rubbed off and I’ll be squeezing into that bikini you bought 8 years ago.

And all by reading his diet sheet, neglecting to add treats to meal plans, and by just barely breaking a sweat during the 10 sessions. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that, yes a personal trainer can help but only when you are ready and willing to make the changes.

Otherwise you’ll continue to throw good money after bad, you’ll continue to blame others and look to others for results.

When in reality it all comes down to one single person..., YOU 

Ps. That €1100 pt block never changed anything, I didn’t lose a lb but I did pay it again a few months later and again no results simply because I thought I could buy fitness or weight loss. I was naive and desperate. It’s not a nice place and you could be talked into paying for anything by a good enough sales person who knows what heart strings to pull on.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, please stop lying to yourself, please stop throwing money away Jumping from one gym to the next or one diet pill to the next fad.

Find yourself,

find the reasons that have you feeling this way?

What is it that is comforting you with night binges or chocolate addiction?

Why do you think someone else can do it for you?

Ask yourself these things.

Then try make small changes that are achievable long term not just till your holidays or event coming up.

It’s a 24/7 365 day a year change.

Yes there’s days, weekends and weeks off but ya get back to it and during those off times you stick to the small changes implemented but enjoy the time away or break away.

I feel that I can help you by guiding you to that little light, that little spark that’s needed within you, and once we find that spark, that motivation, that incentive, that reason as to why now is the time to change, that now is the time to take control of your life, that now is the time to find and reveal the real you hidden behind the mask we put on to others.

If you are interested in personal training with myself at Fitkicks then please get in touch and we can schedule a chat.

The chat isn’t sale focused and indeed is as good as a non sales chat with no pressure to sign up or commit.

I always say go home and think about it and get back to me.

It’s You versus You and only You can change You.

“The motivation comes from within. No one can hand it to you, but no one can take it away, either.”.